Good Business is a showcase for products from businesses dedicated to giving back. A guide to all the goods doing great things. Updated weekly with a new business and new goods.

We hope it helps you find something that you want, knowing that it helps someone else get something that they need. It shows how it’s possible to do well by doing good. That’s Good Business.



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 More Than Just Shoes

If you are going to buy something, wouldn’t you rather it be something you were proud of purchasing? (spoiler: yes, it’s better) Tom’s Shoes is probably the best known for this idea. They give one pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair they sell.  I love this idea. You can create a business where doing “good” is part of the business itself, so the better the business does, the more shoes that are given away, or the more money that is donated as a percentage of profits, or the more people given sustainable employment.

But I wanted this type of experience with every good I purchased, not just shoes. Whether it was a birthday gift for someone special, a father’s day gift or mother’s day gift, or just something cool for myself. But I had to do a lot of digging and very specific googling (“Businesses like Tom’s Shoes, but not shoes”) to find any other businesses that were committed to paying it forward somehow with each purchase. I was left wondering why there wasn’t an easier way to shop for goods that give back. A way to view all the businesses (and their products) that were doing good for themselves and for others. What I wanted was an online catalog of good businesses.

So we made it. And called it, you guessed it, Good Business. (well technically goodbiz.co because goodbusiness.com was like a billion dollars).

So What Is A Good Business?

We’d love to shine a light on every business doing good, after all, more business means more good. And then hopefully a way for this thing to pay for itself. But when my wife and I started our creative agency 10+ years ago we did so because we wanted to do good work and hoped the rest would fall into place. And that has tended to carry through on most things we do together.

We want Good Business to be a curated experience with products you enjoy and businesses you can believe in. To that end, every product must meet two “good” requirements before it can be considered.

#1. Is Good – It has to be something you would want to give or get.
#2. Does Good – Has to contribute in some way to something greater. Be it people, environment, causes, charities,etc.

It’s simple but effective. And hopefully the rest will fall into place.

– mike & beth

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