Samudra Skin + Sea - "Sea Soap" Hair and Body

Samudra Skin + Sea – “Sea Soap” Hair and Body


Give Back: These products are made from natural plant based materials that are sustainably harvested, don’t use plastics and raise awareness for ocean conservation.

The Harvesting Process: Founded with the goal of living harmoniously with nature, the harvesting process of the natural ingredients (seaweed) is done in small batches, trimming and never uprooting, ensuring the regenerative properties of the plant continue to thrive.

No Plastics: A lot of the plastics used in packaging and micro beads ends up in our oceans and water ways. Samudra products come in reusable glass containers with bamboo lids, packaged in compostable boxes certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This serves to reduce contributions of plastic into the waste stream.

Activism: Samudra partners with the Marine Mammal Center, a research and education organization based in Sausalito, California, in an effort to expand knowledge about marine mammal health, ocean health and global conservation. And every other month, they feature a pinniped (seals and sea lions) patient from rescue to release. These awareness campaigns are designed to inspire action through raising awareness about critical issues that effect marine mammals and their ocean home.


Watch Us Wildcraft!

Watch our team as we research + gather seaweeds in Mendocino, California! Wildcrafting seaweeds is a mindful process that allows us to connect with the ocean in a way that conserves the environment for generations to come. 🐋🌱 #seaweedforgood🎥: impact mill

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